SkyControl’s flight report & data extraction page is used to extract flight data from SKYMATE™. Every time SKYMATE™ is turned on, a new 'flight' is recorded into its black box memory, then all relevant data is recorded under this flight, even when SKYMATE™ isn’t armed.

The Report page is divided in two sections:

  • The Top part is used to select, preview and download flights from SKYMATE™’s black box

  • The Bottom part is used to display the overview and to enter notes before generating your .PDF report.



Flight Recording List

The flight recording list can be found at the top left corner. It is a drop-down menu that is composed of all the flight recording available in  SKYMATE™’s memory.

The information displayed for the flight recording is :

  • UID: Unique ID of the flight recording

  • Length : Size of the flight recording


NOTE: All SKYMATE™ flight data is saved in its memory; it is designed as a black box. At the start of each SKYMATE™ boot-up, a new flight recording with UID is generated. This means that a new recording is created each time you power the unit up  whether by USB or by using the Power Monitor.

Each time you visualize the flight recording list, you can access all the flight recordings up to the one currently being generated.



Flight Recording Download

To download a flight recording, simply select the desired flight recording from the list and click the Download button. A window prompt will appear, allowing you to select a destination folder for the downloaded flight recording. Once the folder is selected, a progress bar will appear to inform of the process of the download.

Note: The download speed is about 1:7.5, that is 7.5 seconds of flight takes 1 second of download time.


Multiple Flight Download

To download multiple flight recordings at once, select the recordings in the flight recording list by clicking on the corresponding arrows and click on the Download button.


Flight Recording Data

The downloaded flight recording is saved on your disk, in a folder with the following name structure :


The date and time represent the moment when the flight recording was downloaded.

Each folder will have the same structure :

  • Root Folder /

    • memory.buffer

    • memory.raw

    • exportFlight-...-...(ID).flight

    • export/

      • ... (3) . csv

      • ... (5) . csv

      • ...

The memory.buffer , memory.raw and exportFlight-...-...(ID).flight are created by SkyControl as temporary files to create the .csv files, found in the export folder. Each message saved in memory, is saved as a single .csv file identified by the message name and ID.


General Operations Information

This section  serves to provide further information to the flight recording before generating a flight report.

Some of this section's information is filled by downloading a flight recording :

  • Date : The date and time the flight recording started (only available if the GPS antenna was plugged in during the flight, and if the unit had gathered sufficient GNSS data, that is established a fix)

  • Autopilot Serial# : The serial number of the SKYMATE™ unit

  • Flight ID : the flight recording unique ID

Furthermore, the map area and flight trace will only be updated once the flight recording is downloaded.

You must complete the following  information :

  • Pilot : Your full name

  • Aircraft Serial# : The aircraft serial number on which the SKYMATE™ unit was installed

  • Location : Flight city, address...



NOTE: This information is not required to generate a flight report, but it is good practice to do so.


Map Tab

The map will move to the general area where a flight took place when a flight is selected. Once the flight is downloaded, a flight trace will be displayed.



Overview Tab

The flight conditions information section presents global data of the downloaded flight recording to give a first glance of the flight performance.

The displayed data is :

  • Autopilot Uptime : Time at which SKYMATE™ was powered in hour:minute:second format

  • Duration of Flight : Duration for which SKYMATE™ was in flight

  • Max Altitude : The maximum altitude during flight (m)

  • Max Distance : The maximum distance the aircraft went from its take-off position (m)

  • Max Power Consumption : Maximum electric power consumption measured by the Power Monitor

  • Lowest GPS : The lowest number of GPS Satellite tracked during flight

  • Highest GPS : The maximum number of GPS Satellite tracked during flight

  • Lowest Radio Signal : The lowest frame lost average by the Remote Controller (RC)

  • Average Power Usage : Average electric power consumption measured by the Power Monitor

  • Max Horizontal Speed : The maximum horizontal velocity during flight (m/s)

  • Max Vertical Speed : The maximum vertical velocity during flight (m/s)

  • Max Voltage : The maximum voltage measured by the Power Monitor

  • Min Voltage : The minimum voltage measured by the Power Monitor

  • Flight Warnings : Any warnings that happened during the flight



Notes Tab

The "Notes" tab allows you to enter additional information about the flight. The following fields will be saved in the report:

  • Temperature

  • Precipitation

  • Wind

  • Visibility

  • General notes, such as the executed operations



Generate a Flight Report

Before generating a flight report, you must :

  1. Download a flight record or load a .raw file

  2. Complete the associated metadata, in the General Operations Information section

Click on the Save Report icon. A window prompt will appear, allowing you to select a destination folder and a name for the downloaded flight report.

The flight report is saved in PDF format.