We are firm believers that to extract the true commercial value of UAVs, innovation, reliability, robustness and safety should be the standard in all industrial drone operations.  


ARA Robotics is dedicated to changing the way businesses view their assets and manage their resources by striving for constant improvement and technical innovation.

Bell Flight HYDRA aircraft, powered by SKYMATE



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Flight performance validation & analysis

  • Aircraft Vibration Amplitude
  • Aircraft Angular Velocity Tracking
  • Aircraft Angular Position Tracking
  • Aircraft Local Velocity Tracking
  • Aircraft Position Tracking
  • Aircraft Position Accuracy
  • Aircraft in Flight Consumption (Battery consumption)
  • Aircraft optimized parameters set

Advanced Aircraft testing

  • Harsh Weather
  • Extended Range


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We actualize your most ambitious ideas 
Are you looking for tailor-made solutions not commonly offered on the market?


We develop solutions designed to evolve in your specific environment, to integrate specific sensors and loads, and to use automated non-standard data collection systems. Our team of experts can also assist you with a turnkey integration and parameterization service for flight envelope validation.


Our ability to deliver complex projects with respected deadlines with professionalism and rigor makes
ARA Robotics the industry ’s top UAV experts.


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