Welcome to SkyControl!


SkyControl’s Map Page displays 3 areas:

  1. The map area,

  2. The waypoints area, and

  3. The Sidebar, which is common to all pages.

As you can see, the map area is the main feature of this page, displaying the UAS position and heading.


Your aircraft is represented by an orange arrow.


You can interact with the map area using your mouse to navigate and to zoom in and out. You can also use tools to manipulate the map.


  • Use the Search bar to enter an address or GPS coordinates.

  • Use the Zoom tool to zoom in and out on the map.



Software pages

You can access all of SkyControl’s pages through the navigation menu located at the top left corner. Each page is represented by an icon. You will find the following  pages:


  • Map Page

  • Actions Page

  • Data Analysis Page

  • Report Page

  • UAS Configuration Page

  • Ground Control Station Software Page



Mission Planning Tools

Let’s plan your mission using the Mission Planning Tools.

  • Waypoint tool: add waypoints to the map. select each waypoint to move it to your desired location.

  • Measuring tool: allows you measure the distance between 2 points on the map. the values are displayed in meters.

  • Eraser tool: clears objects such as distances and geofence areas.



Waypoint Area 

Let's move over to the Waypoint Area, which allows you to manage each waypoint by listing and setting its position, maximum travel velocity, heading and waypoint modes.


1.  Configure parameters for each waypoint

For example, let's configure The heading of our 2nd and 4th waypoints, to a Point of interest and the UAS's yaw will follow the defined point of interest.


  1. When you configure the Mode, to Bank turn, the UAS will not stop at the waypoint and will continue to the next one.
  2. Let's add a delay to our 2nd waypoint. The UAS will now wait 5 seconds before moving to the next one.

Actions can also be assigned for each waypoint. We will explain how to use actions in another video.



2.  Upload the waypoint list to SKYMATE

Make sure to upload your list of waypoints to SKYMATE, by simply

  1. Clicking the "upload button", located in the right corner of the waypoints area, next to the ‘clear button’  

  2. Wait for the "Waypoints upload completed" message

  3. Make sure that the waypoints synchronization indicator, at the bottom of the page, is checked in green.

The UAS is now ready to execute the mission, and The waypoint list can be saved into a specific file and uploaded later.


3.  GCSS Connection Status

The connection status area, located at the top right corner, informs you whether or not it is connected to SKYMATE.


Execution bar

Let's explore the execution bar

  1. When the Play button is pressed, the drone will execute its set of waypoints. When the UAS is running, the play button will change to a pause button.
    During mission execution, the target position is represented by a red circle.

  2. When the pause button is pressed, the UAS will stop in its current position. It will restart when you press play again.

  3. When you click the Return To Launch button, the UAS will begin its RTL sequence.



Adding a Waypoint Between Two Waypoints

You can add a waypoint between two pre-existing waypoints by clicking on the yellow path joining them.

The horizontal bar at the top displays real-time data on your UAS’ status, such as : 

  • Current Position, Horizontal and Vertical Speeds   

  • Distance in meters  to the launch point


There are 2 values displayed in the altitude column: the first one is the altitude in the local relative altitude, while the second one (in brackets) is the actual GPS altitude.






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