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Embedded Software Developer

Montreal, QC, Canada

Full Time

About the Role

We are looking for a candidate who is passionate about robotics, especially the design of UAVs (drones) and embedded systems. The candidate will be required to participate in UAV design projects, integration of embedded systems in order to collaborate on UAV production projects, integration of payloads on UAVs and other related projects.

Strong communication skills are sought. You will have to discuss high level concepts with your respective team. You will be called upon to give your opinion and advise on technological choices to better guide the direction of the company and its products.

Live the start-up experience, dynamic and full of challenges to meet your expectations and to the end of your career ambitions. If you are looking for an opportunity in a technology sector that will make you part of a dynamic team, this offer is for you! ARA Robotics is recognized by its employees to provide a creative, respectful, dynamic, and flexible environment.

About the Company

ARA Robotics, a Montreal-based startup founded in 2014, offers technological solutions in the field of aerial robotics for the commercial and civil sector. The company offers complete, high-reliability autonomous aerial vehicle systems, such as the SKYVECTOR, for 3D environment scanning. ARA Robotics’ autopilot, the SKYMATE TM , on the other hand, improves stability, adaptive response, mission traceability as well as remote piloting, all essential elements for drone missions.


Role and responsibilities

  • System architecture development

  • Embedded software programming that may be critical for autonomous aircraft flight

  • Research, testing and qualification of new sensors, microcontrollers, embedded computers and subsystems.

  • Implementation of Linux embedded system deployment environments

  • Development and application of test protocol for sensors, microcontrollers, embedded computers and

  • Writing of technical documentation and user manual

  • Configure sensors, microcontrollers, embedded computers and other subsystems

  • Assist the drone operation team during experimental trials

Related tasks

  • Manufacture, assembly of payloads

  • Manufacture, assembly of development and working kit

  • Manufacturing, assembly assist the mechanical team in related manual tasks

Required qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, robotics, computer science and/or information technology

  • Advanced system language skills Bash, Ansible, Docker, Systemd

  • Advanced skills in Python, C and C++ programming

  • The candidate must have a valid work permit

Required skills

  • Advanced skill on cmake

  • Advanced Python Skill

  • Knowledge of Json, Rest API, SOAP

  • Advanced knowledge of Arm architecture microcontroller

  • Advanced Linux knowledge (deployment of service, compilation and deployment of customized

  • version)

  • Knowledge of embedded computer (NVIDIA Jetson, X86, RPi)

  • Knowledge of embedded communication protocol (UART, CAN, SPI, I2C, PWM, USB, Ethernet)

  • Computer network knowledge

  • Computer system knowledge (PCI, PCIe, SATA, )

  • Good ability to pose a problem and solve it methodically

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Not afraid to improve and redo their work

  • Creative team player who can also evolve independently

  • Very good work rigor

  • Good communication skills in French and English both orally and in writing

Complementary skills

  • Experience with on-board radio systems such as Doodle Labs, Silvius Technologies, Persistent

  • Radios or other industrial WiFi type radios or equivalent

  • Experience with industrial cameras

  • Experience with stabilizer nacelles

  • Experience with Jetson and RPi embedded computers

  • Experience with configuration tools and continuous deployment (Jenkins, Ansible, Docker)

  • Experience designing electronic board and computer system

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